There is nothing better than adding a rifle sling to one’s rifle to assist in carrying it to your destination.  Whether it’s to the range or on your next hunting expedition, it just makes it easier.

There are so many makes and models of slings, it can sometimes be daunting on the type to choose.  Here are 20 reasons why a leather sling makes sense.

  1. Leather rifle slings are durable and can withstand tough conditions.
  2. They provide better support for the rifle due to their sturdiness.
  3. Leather slings offer a comfortable feel when carrying the rifle.
  4. They have a classic and timeless appearance.
  5. Leather slings are less likely to fray or wear out compared to cloth slings.
  6. The material is resistant to tearing, ensuring long-lasting use.
  7. Leather slings can be more easily cleaned and maintained.
  8. They offer a secure grip, preventing accidental slips.
  9. Leather provides better protection against weather elements.
  10. The adjustable nature of leather slings allows for personalized comfort.
  11. Leather slings often have a more polished and professional look.
  12. They are less prone to stretching over time.
  13. Leather absorbs less moisture than cloth, reducing the risk of mold.
  14. Leather slings are less likely to catch on clothing or accessories.
  15. They offer a level of rigidity that aids in firearm handling.
  16. Leather slings are less likely to snag on branches or obstacles in outdoor environments.
  17. They provide a sense of traditional craftsmanship.
  18. Leather is a natural material, adding to its appeal.
  19. Leather slings can contribute to better firearm stability when aiming.
  20. They offer a balance of flexibility and strength for various shooting situations.