There are many different materials used to create guitar straps.  It seems that leather ones are classy and iconic.  Here are 10 advantages of leather versus cloth guitar straps.
  1. Leather guitar straps are durable, lasting longer than cloth ones.
  2. They provide strong support, helping to hold your guitar securely.
  3. Leather straps are less likely to slip off your shoulder during play.
  4. They offer a comfortable feel against your skin for extended playing.
  5.  Leather straps often age well, developing a unique character over time.
  6. They can handle the weight of different guitar types without stretching.
  7. Leather straps are resistant to wear and tear from frequent use.
  8. Many musicians find leather straps more stylish and visually appealing.
  9. The material enhances sound resonance, contributing to better tones. 
  10. Leather straps are easy to clean and maintain for a polished appearance.