At Pastor Bob Leatherworks we create fine leather goods that are made from local high-quality leather. We take great pride in our work and can create custom pieces to fit your needs.

Custom Leather Cup Wraps

Leather cup wrap using veg tan leather from Hermann Oak Tannery in St. Louis, MO.  Cup wraps are made for insulated stainless steel travel mugs, which are included.  These can be personalized with either laser engraving or hand carved/stamped.  Standard designs range from scripture verses, Second Amendment support, floral carvings, Route 66, and many others.  The leather cup wrap is secured to the travel mug using lace to tie it in place.  The hand-carved pieces have each line of the carving cut into the leather with a swivel knife, a specific tool to the leather industry. Cuts are made after the leather has been cased, or wetted with water to soften the leather fibers for cutting.  After cutting all lines, a small 1/4″ stamping tool, called a beveler, is used to tamp down the leather near the cut; giving it a three-dimensional look.  Many strokes of a maul are required to get the beveled look.  2 Images – cut lines and beveled lines.  Cup wrap images.

Leather Avenger Style Holsters

Avenger-style leather OWB (outside the waistband) holster.  These are constructed using Hermann Oak veg tan leather.  The holsters are 2 ply, meaning two pieces of leather glued together with the smooth side out.  This way the exterior has a nice shiny and clean look, while the inside of the holster, where the firearm contacts the leather is also smooth.  Leather is a wicking agent.  When a firearm is exposed to the rough side of the leather, it can wick away any oils from the firearm.  When the smooth (grain side) part of the leather is in contact with the firearm, it does not wick the oils away.  The flesh side (rough textured) of the leather is similar to a terry cloth and absorbs a little.  There are holsters on the market that do not layer the leather, leaving the flesh side coming into contact with the handgun.

When the handgun is left in the holster when it is being stored, there is a chance the oil is removed from the pistol and leaves instances of rust.  The advantage of an Avenger-style holster is that it takes up less real estate on your belt.  Instead of having both belt slots exposed on either side of the holster, one of the slots is actually on the back of the holster; shortening the overall holster width by several inches.  Avenger holsters are designed to be a friction fit, meaning no retention strap is necessary to secure the firearm in the holster.  You can literally place the gun into the holster and turn it upside down like a Dairy Queen Blizzard and the gun stays put.

Avenger holsters are custom fitted to each handgun.  These are made one at a time by hand.  Avenger holsters can be made for nearly every type of handgun, left-handed, right-handed, or even cross-draw. 

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