Leather wrapped tumblers are definitely NOT a necessity. However, they are a great way to personalize your drink of choice; whether at home or on the go. These wraps are highly customizable. They can be laser-engraved, custom stamped, or even better carved.  They are made from the highest quality leather one can find.  The thickness of the leather aids in holding the tumbler as well as providing a little cushion.

The leather used is what is called veg-tan leather. It starts out fairly light in color, then, depending on the finish type can “patina” or get darker over time. These can be sealed and coated with waterproof compound to prevent any stains from popping up on them.

Why wraps versus vinyl design? The custom leather wrap can be removed from the tumbler when the tumbler needs a good bath. The tumbler wrap is laced up and is easily removed without having to untie anything. Just simply slide it off when needed.  

This also allows you to move it from tumbler to tumbler. One can always have their personalized look regardless of which tumbler is used.

If you are local to the Carthage, Missouri area, you can find these at Cherry’s Art Emporium or JR’s Western Store.