2nd Amendment Laser Engraved Leather Wrapped Tumblers


Custom 2nd Amendment Laser Engraved Tumbler Wraps


The leather wrap is made from a single piece of leather, using genuine top grade leather tanned in the USA. It is dyed brown and is laser engraved.  The stainless steel tumbler is included  and holds 20 oz. and includes a sealed lid. The leather wrap provides texture for better gripping the tumbler and can be slid off the tumbler; enabling the tumbler to be washed. The wrap is laced in the back with leather lacing.

These wraps are 2nd Amendment Themed.  Choose from the following designs:

  • We The People (with US Flag)
  • Don’t Tread on Me
  • Rifles Crossed 2A
  • Skull 2A
  • Punisher Skull

Pastor Bob Leatherworks started when Pastor Bob’s children chipped in at Christmas for a gift card to a local leather shop. Since then, Pastor Bob has been making fine leather products, most of which are hand tooled, and hand-stitched.

A portion of Pastor Bob’s sales go to a Pregnancy Resource Center that shares the love of Christ with young women as well as alternatives to abortion.


  • Genuine Leather Cup Wrap
  • 20 Oz. Tumbler with lid

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We the People, Crossed Rifles 2A, Skull 2A, Punisher Skull, Don't Tread on Me