Custom Leather Wrapped Tumblers – Floral

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The leather wrap is made from a single piece of leather, using genuine top grade leather tanned in the USA. It has a glossy brown, textured appearance. The stainless steel tumbler is included  and holds 20 oz. and includes a sealed lid. The leather wrap provides texture for better gripping the tumbler and can be slid off the tumbler; enabling the tumbler to be washed. The wrap is laced in the back with leather lacing.

This wrap features a carved floral design and is finished using an antiquing process to accentuate and highlight the image to provide a 3D appearance.

Pastor Bob Leatherworks started when Pastor Bob’s children chipped in at Christmas for a gift card to a local leather shop. Since then, Pastor Bob has been making fine leather products, most of which are hand tooled, and hand-stitched.

A portion of Pastor Bob’s sales go to a Pregnancy Resource Center that shares the love of Christ with young women as well as alternatives to abortion.


  • Genuine Leather Cup Wrap
  • 20 Oz. Tumbler with lid

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Carved / Stamped, Custom Design, 2nd Amendment, Scripture