Heavy Duty Belt for Holster Use


Perfect belt for carrying a holster.  Nice Gun Belt



The 2 ply leather belt is perfect for use as a dress belt, casual belt, or to hang a holster. The width is 1.5″ which is a standard width. It is two pieces of leather (one piece 8-9 oz., the other 4-5 oz. in thickness) glued together with a total thickness of just under .25 inches.  It is then machined stitched to last a lifetime.  Included with the belt is a buckle and keeper that are held in place by stainless steel Chicago screws so one can easily change out the buckle if so desired.

The 2-Ply option will have the outer layer dyed the color of one’s choosing, while the interior layer will remain natural in color.  When the belt is complete, it will also receive a varnish like coating to protect it from abrasions and scratches.

The firmness of the belt is perfect for someone who carries a firearm in a holster. The belt doesn’t sag or bend in any way.  All leather used is sourced from Hermann Oak Tannery, in St. Louis, Missouri…some of the finest leather you can find.  It is veg-tanned.

Measuring for the length of your belt:

See the diagram below for how to measure your current belt.  When you provide your measurement, we will place a hole there to match your existing belt size.  We will also add an additional 6 holes; 2 to make it tighter, and 4 to make it looser.  This way it will accommodate different thicknesses of clothing (or if one’s waist grows).  If you need a belt larger than 50″, please reach out to us directly.

Color Choice:
  • Light Brown (as pictured)
  • Dark Brown
  • Black

Protecting one’s Belt:

This belt will last one a lifetime and our guarantee is that it will last 100 years (unless it’s abused). To maintain the belt, once every 6-months / year, apply some waterproofing compound to protect it from the elements.  If you want to maintain the firmness of the belt, do NOT use mink oil, as it will soften the leather and cause it do bend much easier.  If one carries a holster, you will NOT want it to bend or crease easily…this allows the holster to sag.  You know what I’m talking about.

If you are unsure about what type of belt to get, visit this link to our blog to help you decide if a leather belt is right for you.

If you have questions, please reach out.  We are always glad to have conversations with potential customers.


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Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black

Length (As Measured)

32", 33", 34", 35", 36", 37", 38", 39", 40", 41", 42", 43", 44", 45", 46", 47", 48", 49", 50"