Military POW-MIA Leather Belt


Perfect belt for carrying a holster.  Nice Gun Belt



This is to honor and remember our military Veterans that are still unaccounted for and those that were held against their will. The emblem used was created exclusively for Pastor Bob. This is a sturdy 1.5″ wide belt dyed black with professional leather dye, then clear coated to protect it from wearing. It will last longer than your lifetime and is guaranteed for up to 5 generations. This is something you can pass down through your family. We only use the finest genuine leather, tanned at one of the oldest tanneries in the United States; Hermann Oak. It features 8-9 oz. thick leather. It is a single piece of leather. There are no stitches or seams that will give way. The leather will not tear, nor will the holes rip out.

We have many family members who served in multiple branches of the military. This is our way to honor them. This leather belt was handcrafted in the United States of America.

The MIA-POW emblem is repeated the length of the belt with several inches between each impression. In addition, it comes with at least 7 holes for adjustment, versus the standard 5. There are times when we layer up our clothes and we need some fine adjustment. Then, of course, there are the holidays and all the good eating that can sometimes impact the size of our belt.

• Handmade
• 1.5″ Width
• Genuine Hermann Oak Leather
• Hand stamped Basket Weave design
• Snaps for buckle attachment for easy buckle swaps
• Clear Coating applied to protect leather
• Buckle color or your choice
• 7 sizing holes versus the standard 5
• 5 Generation Guarantee

Measuring for the length of your belt:

See the diagram below for how to measure your current belt.  When you provide your measurement, we will place a hole there to match your existing belt size.  We will also add an additional 6 holes; 2 to make it tighter, and 4 to make it looser.  This way it will accommodate different thicknesses of clothing (or if one’s waist grows).  If you need a belt larger than 50″, please reach out to us directly.

  • Protecting one’s Belt:

This belt will last one a lifetime and our guarantee is that it will last 100 years (unless it’s abused). To maintain the belt, once every 6-months / year, apply some waterproofing compound to protect it from the elements.  If you want to maintain the firmness of the belt, do NOT use mink oil, as it will soften the leather and cause it do bend much easier.  If one carries a holster, you will NOT want it to bend or crease easily…this allows the holster to sag.  You know what I’m talking about.

If you are unsure about what type of belt to get, visit this link to our blog to help you decide if a leather belt is right for you.

If you have questions, please reach out.  We are always glad to have conversations with potential customers.


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Additional information

Length (As Measured)

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