Texas Flag – Leather Stamp (Acrylic)


Leather stamp for embossing made of acrylic.  Using a press or vise, leaves a nice, deep impression in cased leather.


Custom made acrylic stamps using laser engraving. This listing is for this stamp only.

The stamp makes a deep and crisp impression on cased leather.

The stamps are extremely durable and can be easily cleaned, scrubbed and sanitized.

*******************SPECIAL NOTE**********************
These are made for use with an arbor press or by placing in a vise and applying slow, even pressure. These WILL NOT withstand hammer blows.

Arbor Press Instructions:

Place a piece of cased leather on a solid platform under the arbor press anvil. Place stamp on top of cased leather. Place a solid platform (can be metal or wood stock) on top of stamp. Apply downward pressure with arbor press and hold for 15-20 seconds. Check result. Repeat as necessary to achieve desired impression.

Vise Instructions:

Place cased leather and stamp between to hard objects (like a board). Squeeze tightly so stamp stays in place. Place all inside vise. Tighten vise and hold for 15-20 seconds. Release vise and check imprint depth. Repeat as necessary.

This stamp comes with a lifetime guarantee. If the stamp no longer produces an acceptable image, simply return it and a new one will be sent to you. Guarantee void if used in conjunction with a hammer.

Stamps are impressed into the leather using a press of some type. The images in the listing are created on a Harbor Freight Arbor Press with a thick piece of leather on top of the stamp to distribute the pressure. The leather must be cased (or wetted) using a wet sponge to moisten the entire piece of leather (If you don’t wet all the leather, you will get water spots on the leather.

I have these stamps in stock and can produce custom logos as well. Please send me your custom image in black / white to PastorBobLeather (AT) Gmail dot com. After looking at the image, I can let you know if I can produce it.

Additional information

Size (Width)

1.5", 2", 3"