Leather scraps can be repurposed into a variety of sellable products, showcasing creativity and sustainability.

Here are some popular items made from leather scraps that can be sold:

Keychains and Accessories

Small leather pieces can be crafted into stylish keychains, zipper pulls, or even decorative patches for bags and clothing.

Coasters and Placemats

Utilizing larger scraps, coasters and placemats can be created, offering a classy and functional addition to home decor.



Leather scraps can be transformed into earrings, bracelets, or pendants, adding a unique touch to fashion accessories.


Crafting bookmarks from leather scraps can offer elegant and durable options for book lovers. 

Pouches and Wallets

Small pouches, coin purses, or minimalist wallets can be fashioned from leather scraps, catering to those seeking practical yet stylish accessories.

Patchwork Bags or Clutches

Utilizing various sizes of leather scraps, patchwork bags, and clutches can be designed, offering one-of-a-kind fashion statements. 

Leather Art and Decor

Framed leather artworks or decorative wall hangings crafted from different colored leather scraps can appeal to art enthusiasts.

Pet Accessories

Collars, leashes, or small pet beds made from repurposed leather can attract pet owners looking for durable and stylish accessories for their pets. 

Notebook or Journal Covers

Leather scraps can be repurposed into covers for notebooks or journals, providing a touch of sophistication.

Upcycled Clothing

Incorporating leather scraps into clothing items like patches on jeans, elbow patches on jackets, or accent details on clothing can appeal to fashion-forward customers.

Creating unique, handcrafted items from leather scraps not only adds value to the discarded material but also promotes sustainable and eco-friendly products, appealing to a market that values both creativity and environmental consciousness.

Handcrafted items from leather scraps  adds value to the discarded material